Wig renting made easy 💅🏿✨

After our initial launch last year, we wanted to revamp the service and make it as simple as possible. Ready to get started? Here's how it works.

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    Discover, browse and explore our collection, then pick the wigs you want.

  • 👱🏿‍♀️ Rent

    Pick your rental days and check out knowing your wig will be delivered the next working day.

  • 🔙 Return

    Return your wig in good condition, using the address listed in your account.


How do I return my rental?

You must return your rented item(s) by the end of your rental period.

E.T.Wigs uses tracked and signed-for service/guaranteed next day delivery. A pre-paid returns label will be included in your packaging.

Ensure the label is firmly attached to the parcel to prevent the label from coming off. There's no need to clean the item; all rentals are cleaned in house to ensure all rentals are clean and ready for their next use.

What if the rental does not fit?

We provide rental sizes in each product description. Please measure your head circumference to ensure you select the correct size.

What if I damage or lose my rental?

If the item is damaged beyond repair, lost, stolen, or if the repair costs exceed £50, ETWIGS reserves the right to charge you the full estimated Replacement Value of the item.

Additionally, please note that you will be required to have a Security Deposit authorised on your card.

How are the rentals washed?

Great question! At E.T.Wigs, we take the sanitation of our products extremely seriously. Before a wig is sent out, it undergoes a stringent cleaning and sanitation process

. Here’s a snapshot of our sanitation process:

  1. Full wash service: We handle the sanitizing, cleaning, and restyling of each wig immediately after each use. We always ensure that every wig is treated with the utmost care and expertise.
  2. Hospital-Grade Sanitization: We leverage botanical hospital-grade products in our cleaning process. This ensures that the wig is not just clean, but sanitized to a medical standard, eliminating all bacteria and potential contaminants.
  3. Steam Sanitization: Following the cleaning process, each wig undergoes steam sanitisation, a step that eradicates any residual contaminants and ensures the wig is fresh and clean for its next user.
  4. Quality Assurance: Before being packaged, we scrutinise each wig to confirm it meets our rigorous standards of cleanliness and quality.
  5. Individual Inspection: Lastly, we have an individual inspection to assure the utmost quality and cleanliness before it heads to you.

We go the extra mile to ensure every wig you receive from E.T.Wigs is as good as new. You can trust in our process and the utmost quality and cleanliness of our products.

Can I customise the wig?

All of our wigs are ready to wear! They come pre-plucked, bleached, and with the lace cut to industry standards. However, if you’d like to make additional changes, you’re welcome to do so—just avoid cutting, coloring, or chemically altering the hair’s texture.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at hello@etwigs.co.uk

Can I pick up my wig?

Yes! We offer same-day drop-off services through Addison Lee, Uber, or Bolt for urgent rentals. The renter covers the full price of this service. Please specify in your order notes if you require this option.

Featured collection

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    001 - 613 Blonde | RENT

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    004 - 2x6 HD Unit | RENT

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