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How long do bespoke orders take?

Bespoke orders take 2-3 weeks from payment to delivery. Because we want to create the best bespoke wigs possible, we take our time to discuss your needs, create the wig and customise to your specifications! Once created, we deliver using Royal Mail Special + Tracked delivery. 

Can I send my own wig for customisation?

Of course! We totally understand that some people would prefer our custom colour, styling or plucking services using hair they provide. We ask that hair provided comes new to ensure the best outcome possible. 

How often are rental wigs washed?

Hygiene is so important to our rental model and rental wigs are washed after each wear. This is done by using  UV light sterilising lamps, bacterial disinfecting shampoo followed by hydrating shampoo and conditioner for that clean smell and soft feel. 

I'm completely new to wigs, can I have a consultation? 

For sure! Most of our customers come to us because they are new to the wig world. Our mission is to allow people explore their identity and discover new styles. We want you to feel welcomed to ask anything about wigs and discover The Next You. Feel free to drop us an email or DM on social to enquire <3 

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